Hudson Run

In a small, blue-collar railroad town, two conductors, Jackie McKeon and Sheri Daniels find themselves on the ride of their lives after finding money hidden on their train.

With the mob on their heels and the F.B.I. close behind, how far they will go to save their lives all unfolds on a stretch of rail in upstate New York known as-the Hudson Run.

Sensible, hard-working Jackie McKeon has had a hell of a week. One night she comes home to find the house she’d painstakingly restored after her parents’ fiery deaths–is being foreclosed for no apparent reason. Next day, her enthusiastic but disorganized assistant conductor, Sheri Daniels, finds someone’s lumpy, very important package under the mattress in a sleeping car. Yet she keeps quiet about it till everything’s spiraled out of control. But that’s what best friends are for, right?

Because suddenly, Jackie’s mortgage has been paid. Two Mafia guys are menacing her about some money. Mark and Alan, the sexy-but-evasive guys they had drinks with last night, turn out to be more than what they had appeared–and they think Jackie’s a thief. By evening, as she and Sheri get ready to board the last train, they learn there’s a hit out on their lives…and the killers will be riding along.

In the next few hours, the conductors see all their railroading skills, their wits, and their friendship tested. By dawn, their once-predictable lives have been derailed.

About the Author

J.E. Kross has been a Conductor on the railroad for approaching twenty years between freight and passenger service. Both an Army and Navy vet. she lives in upstate New York with her Husband Joe, an engineer on the railroad.